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How Product Hunt Used Community – 400,000 in 4 Months

How the Product Hunt Community Grew Using the Community

Community is, in a large way, the root of Product Hunt’s success.

From its early days, Product Hunt’s creator, Ryan Hoover, has done a fantastic job of bringing the right people onto his platform and deeply engaging them through every step of the building process.

Ryan has written about how he launched Product Hunt, built a great community, and grew it initially. I joined early on to help Ryan think about scaling the great community.

Our team knew that in order for Product Hunt to grow for a niche community of super-users into a full-fledged community product, we had to start thinking more strategically.

This article is all about how to go from initial traction to viral growth.

How do you use community to expand your reach? What kinds of features and outreach are required to grow a community exponentially?

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